Joint Pain Care Pack

Ajmodadi churn 100 gm 2 packs
Maha yograj guggal 100 gm 1 packs
Rasnadi guggal 50 gm 2 packs
Sandhavadi oil 50 ml 2 packs
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  1. Ajmodadi churn : It is used in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis, pain and inflammation of joints, osteo arthritis, back pain, sciatica and such other joint diseases.
  2. Maha yograj guggal : Guggulu can be used to support healthy joints, muscles and nerves. It is especially useful for calming vata in the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Rasnadi guggal : Neurological disorders such as paralysis, hemiplegia, neuropathy, joint related disorders etc
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