Detoxification Of Body

Every day we are consuming a lot of contaminants like pesticides, fertilizers, metals and free radicals from frozen, packaged food, imported vegetables and fruits. Living in cities having high traffic volume also leads to accumulation of carcinogenic chemicals in our bodies and regular detoxification is necessary to combat such pollutants. Living stressful lifestyle also leads to generation of damaging free radicals within our body leading to rapid ageing and degenerative processes in our bodies. To counteract all these free radicals nature has given us so many beautiful effective ways. One of them is regular detoxification of the body and neutralizing the free radicals. We can do this by consuming a lot of fresh fruits, thoroughly washed vegetables, salads, greens and adding herbal supplements like Aloe vera juice (Kumari Saar), Amla Juice (world's richest source of natural vitamin C), Spirulina, and herbal teas like our Detox tea - which contains herbs full of anti-ageing properties.