Cough, Cold and Flu Care Pack

Basil cough syrup 100 ml 1 packs
Sitopaladi churn 100 gm 1 packs
Maha Sudarsan vati 60 tab 1 packs
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  1. Basil Cough Syrup : Effective cough syrup provides prompt relief in all sorts of bronchitis & cough problems, liquefies viscid cough & cures dry or wet cough condition for Dry & unproductive cough.Inflammation of respiratory tract, Allergic trinities, Post influenza cough, Pulmonary spasmodic cough.
  2. Sitopaladi Churn : Sitopladi Churana is a Kapha (water) shamak (pacify) churana (powder). In Ayurveda it is traditionally used to balance high kapha (water)disorders. Those that are affected from poor expectoration can benefit from its use. Sitopladi Churna is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation for issues related to cough and cold.
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  • Basil cough syrup is useful in Dry & unproductive cough, Bronchitis & common cold, Pulmonary spasmodic cough, Inflammation of respiratory tract. etc
  • Sitopaladi churn used for Rhintis sicca/atrophic rhintis, Urticaria, Dry cough, Loss of appetite, excess thirst, burning sensation, Chronic fever and weakness due to fever, Bleeding through the mouth and excessive chronic cough and cold