Respiratory Problems Care Pack

Asthamin Tab 100 tab 2 packs
Chyawanprash Specia 1 kg 1 packs
Shri Ganga Chay 200 gm 1 packs
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  1. Asthamin Tab : Asthamin is a unique herbal combination of drugs, which manifests Anti histaminic, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, expectorant and bronchodilator effect.Broncorid syrup has been enriched with Shireesh Chaal, which has a Sodium Cromoglycate like activity.
  2. Chyawanprash Specia : Rejuvenates all tissues in the body, Supports overall strength and energy, Promotes muscle mass, Builds ojas for supporting a healthy immune response and youthfulness and Supports healthy function of the heart and respiratory systems.
  3. Shri Ganga Chay : It is ideal delicious CHAY for daily use. Prevents fatigue, dyepepsia, common cold, influenza, mild pyerxia, cough, flatulence, headache, constipation & siuggishness.
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